About Andreea Arsine

  •  Born on 14th September 1988 in Botosani, Romania and known as an Olimpic athlete, Fitness trainer specialist, winner of Exatlon Romania 3 and author of MY DIET and MY DETOX plan – the result of 7 years of research and tests.
  • Enrolled as an athlete at the advice of her father, at age 8. Only after 3 month of intense trainings became National Champion at her age category.
  •  Had a 4 years break from her life as an athlete, but never gave up sport. Started her career as a trainer giving aerobics and Kangoo jumps group classes and also 1 to 1 training sessions.
  • In 2013 restarted her activity as an athlete and also continued to grow as a professional in fitness industry.
  • In 2016 participated at Olympic Games from Rio de Janeiro and break her personal goal as an athlete.
  •  Participated at Exatlon Romania, series 3 and won it. This episode marks also her beginning as a TV star.
  • Activity on a daily basis: manager of a gym line in Bucharest, group class instructor, fitness trainer specialized in nutrition and vitaminization, Master Trainer Stay Fit Academy , athlete.
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